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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the church in politics



Many in the public ask why our political business has to be such a cesspool of lies, recrimination, misrepresentation, and hatefulness. Those in the church should be especially troubled since none of these activities seem particularly righteous or edifying. Of course, the church routinely dilutes the lofty concept of righteousness reflected in the Golden Rule by limiting Christianity to a divine struggle between good and evil with the church as the warriors. Anyone knows that in war you have to get down and dirty. For those of the church warfare mind, politics, with all its shabbiness, is just another weapon system to be employed as ruthlessly as necessary. The end justifies the means in God's war, just like any other.


Jesus, in his day, was immersed in a society of political intrigue. The Pharisees tried to draw him into all of that, and ultimately they used political maneuvering to cause his execution. Jesus was no politician nor one who espoused political solutions. He dealt with matters of the heart and mind. Legislation and coercion were not going to transform the world or bring in the eternal kingdom. OT Judaism had already proven that.