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the church will change


The church will always make doctrinal adjustments when demanded by those who pay the bills. That is essential because the life’s blood of the church is money and always has been. Without funds to pay the clergy, build and maintain the buildings, and advertise its message, the church would cease to exist as an institution. With that recognized fact, the church’s very survival is totally dependent on the continuing support of its member/contributors.

Anyone who has ever been involved in managing church finances knows this all too well. All it takes in many churches is for a few major contributors to get their doctrinal noses out of joint and the church and its leadership are in dire trouble. When survival is at stake, adjustment is inevitable.

For those sitting in the pews, dissatisfaction with the message being heard is best registered at the collection plate. As long as the average church member sits silently and absorbs the prevailing doctrine without question and continues to pay to hear the same old message over and over, then the church leadership will resist change. If something new is desired, just quit paying for what the church is serving. They know how to change when they have to. Past history proves as much.