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the deity of jesus



The Bible proclaims Jesus to be the Only Begotten Son of God. Many have taken that to mean the one and only son of God, one who is as divine as the Father and in that respect profoundly different from you and I. Such thinking is the product of a longstanding debate about the nature and person of Jesus in the centuries between his death and the canonization of the scriptures. This deification of Christ has influenced all elements of orthodox Christian theology, especially in defining why Jesus came in the first  place.


In the typical explanation of salvation, God offers up one of his own in order to accept mankind back into his presence. The one offered had to be a part of the Godhead in order to be an appropriate payment for all the sins of humanity. Anything less would have been insufficient to pay the high price of God's forgiveness.


The focus that this traditional view of salvation places on escaping God's wrath through proper theology and religious practice has diverted Christianity away from what Jesus taught as life principles. Not only could one assume that what he taught was very much secondary to what he accomplished on that cross; but, if Jesus was wholly divine, then what he taught could be dismissed as impossible for those wholly human. Grand ethical pronouncements could be ignored because Jesus spoke hypothetically as God about some utopian realm far removed from here and now reality.


In effect what we have done is deify God's messenger rather than God's message. As I once heard quoted, "I pointed to the stars and all you saw was my finger".