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The Foolishness of Preaching

Paul in I Corinthians Chapter 1 extolled the “foolishness of preaching”. That has been occasionally cited by preachers to divert criticism of their message. Don’t be confused. The foolishness of preaching in Paul’s day was divinely inspired. The foolishness of ours may just be simply foolish. Many today want to wrap themselves in a special robe of authority by claiming to have received a sacred calling. What they more likely received was training in maintaining orthodoxy by whatever denominational standard that may be measured. So when these claim Paul as a supporter of their particular “foolishness”, don’t feel obliged to grant them any special consideration.


To hear some folks use this verse as their proof-text, you’d think the more unreasonable a theological position was, the more likely it was to be true. Foolishness is foolishness, especially in the eyes of God. Our God is not foolish, and His Gospel is not either. So be your own judge of what you have been taught and remember that the fact that it sounds foolish is not really supporting evidence.


I say this realizing that some would counter that an understanding of God’s redemptive work which brings salvation to all is foolishness because it denies justice for the wicked. Well, if that be foolishness, at least it is foolish in its magnificence, in its love, in its forbearance, in its mercy and grace. It is not foolishly grim and capricious and heartless, which perfectly describes the traditional foolishness many are so fond of.


So embrace a little foolishness if you must, but make it the foolishness of God and not the foolishness of tradition and biblical misinterpretation. That latter foolishness has no inherent worth nor is it God sanctioned.