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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the god you never knew



In the book, Tomorrow’s God, Neale Donald Walsch, sets out to describe the true nature of God, a god very unlike the one of conventional wisdom. Walsch goes about describing God’s nature in a series of discussions between himself and God, discussions in which God reveals himself. To many, these discussions with God may seem fanciful if not downright heretical or sacrilegious. Despite how one may feel about Walsch’s ability to speak to and for God, his book is very thought provoking. It raises and attempts to deal with many of the issues that probably plague the minds of most people.


Many in our society would point to the Bible as the only source of knowledge about God’s nature and his requirements. Interestingly, people who claim the Bible as their source document, have embraced a God of every imaginable description. The God of Jonathan Edwards toyed with mankind, dangling him over the fires of hell. The God of Mother Teresa compelled her to leave the comforts of home to live out a life of service in the squalor of India. It can be safely said that any God one chooses can be justified from the Bible if one wants to ignore context and totality. That being said, what kind of God do you want to embrace?


Walsch has made a statement about the God he knows. His God of Tomorrow is perhaps the same as the “God You Never Knew”. Then again, maybe you have known Him but only as a little child. That was before the teachings of orthodoxy dismissed that God to the pages of childhood recollection.


Orthodoxy proclaims a demanding God, one who expects or even requires certain absolutes from man. The orthodox God demands our respect and even our love. Why does this God require so much of mankind? What is it that God needs that makes him demand our worship and then punish us if we worship incorrectly or insufficiently? Is God in some way inadequate or incomplete if mankind does not respond in a prescribed manner?


The orthodox God requires mankind’s assistance in dealing with evil. This God addresses evil by resisting and judging the evil-doer. In that endeavor, this God solicits and demands the help of “righteous” men. Nothing on the face of the planet has ever led to more undeniable wickedness than man’s response to the supposed godly mandate to resist and overcome “evil”. Who is interested in a god who is too weak to fight his own battles or to accomplish his own ends? Why leave the hard work to mere men, work like trying to convert the whole world with a message as dreary and unloving as the so-called “good news”?


All of the above lead many to seek a new, unorthodox God, perhaps the God of Tomorrow and the “One You Never Knew But Always Wanted to Know”. Luckily, you don’t really have to look beyond the Bible to find this God. You merely need to read between the lines a little bit. The God of unconditional love has been there all along. Many have simply overlooked Him because He was too unbelievable. He is unbelievable because He doesn’t need or require anything from us. He is totally in control, working out the mysteries in accordance with his perfect essence. God is Love. All else that describes Him is nuance and serves to enhance our understanding of magnitude of that Love.