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the halloween addiction


What could be said about the recent prediction of the Rapture that hasn’t already been said? As long as our theology stresses impending doom, similar events are inevitable. Under the normal paradigm of an ever imminent catastrophe, it’s just too easy and too tempting to stoke the fires of imagination and stir up a storm of fearful anticipation in the faithful.

Many Christians will dismiss this particular incident by saying that the primary error lay in trying to attach a specific time to an impending disaster which they also believe is imminent. The difference between the commonly held belief and the belief behind the recent Rapture prediction is then only a matter of specificity. The typical Christian rebuttal simply ignores the real issue. How can the dismal conclusion to the Bible which is promoted under this paradigm be called “Good News”?  If the future is bright for only a few, I see no reason to joyously anticipate or celebrate.

Of course, the skeptics just love this oft repeated scenario of a failed Rapture. Religiously inspired consternation is their life’s bread. Predictably, many will state that the skepticism prompted by these failures are simply a part of the overall prophesy. This amounts to saying that what is bound to happen is what has been predicted to happen. No one could miss on that type of self fulfilling prophesy.

A people constantly bombarded with the expectation of impending doom are ripe for manipulation; and, when the church sells the idea of divine “callings” or mandates from God to instruct others, men will continue to claim that calling in the role of prophetic interpreter. It’s an entertaining way to make a living. It’s also gratifying to “help” people by giving them a good scare. It’s a bit like celebrating Halloween every day.

We have endured centuries of the message of impending destruction, and what is the result? New prophets come and go, tickling the ears of the faithful, giving them the equivalent of a good adrenaline rush. It’s an on-going addiction really. Some of us have entered “rehab” because continuing to ingest the old story was just too painful.