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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the jewish exception

Anyone paying the slightest attention is aware that much of evangelical Christendom is completely infatuated with the Jews and the nation of Israel. Many evangelicals contend that the present day Jews are still God’s special people despite their general rejection of Christ as the Messiah/Savior. This is just another example of how the doctrine of salvation for only Christians gets stretched to include non-believers when that suits the purpose of those defining the theology. Some, of course, will counter that the Bible predicts a massive, end time conversion of the Jews, thus maintaining the exclusiveness of salvation in Christ. All that contention does is beg the question of what about the non-end time Jews and why are the Jews amenable to a special conversion mechanism while the rest of humanity is not. The more you ponder the details of Christian theology, the more conundrums you encounter.


The “Gospel of Exclusion”, be it that of the Christian or the Jew, is divisive and inherently contradictory to idea of equality in the eyes of God. Combining two such messages, Christian and Jewish, creates a powerful union of negative forces which naturally fosters religiously driven turmoil.


As long as the world’s predominant religious traditions lay claim to an exclusive status before God, the world will continue to languish in an atmosphere of hate, mistrust, and conflict. A doctrine espousing moral/spiritual superiority for those culturally inclined to embrace Christianity can only create enmity with non-Christians. It could not be otherwise.


Yes, the Jews are God’s beloved. But so are you and I. God loves the whole world, Jew and Gentile alike. There are no exceptions.