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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the "opinionator"

Did Jesus die to change God’s opinion of me from unworthy miscreant to acceptable supplicant? The typical way the work of Christ is described, even by those whose eschatology and soteriology lead them to a universalist conclusion, implies that this is precisely the case. Jesus’ purpose was supposedly to change God’s mind about how to deal with me and everyone else in the world, either conditionally or unconditionally.


Whether the work of Jesus involved appeasement of God or a change of heart for God, that description fails to lend the appropriate ethical majesty to the ministry of Jesus. It all sounds too much like a business contract or the results of human like arbitration. Maybe I am alone in this regard, but such similarities just leave me feeling like we don’t really understand what God is all about in His dealings with mankind. I look for a reason behind the whole Sin/Fall/Sacrifice/Redemption scenario of the Bible which validates the purposefulness and sovereignty of God without demeaning His overall nature, reducing Him to a characterization which sounds woefully arbitrary and egocentric. I may be misguided in this, but my heart seeks a biblical picture of God which exudes unadulterated majesty and transcendence. That picture has never been offered by any explanation of God and redemption in Christ within my memory. I must conclude that such an explanation does exist but has simply eluded me so far.