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the pliable bible



The Orthodox Church is predicated on the idea of a discernable and undeniable objective truth contained in the Bible. The problem with that contention is that what many claim to discern, most would deny.


The claimers of discernment often attribute the denial of others to ignorance or obstinacy. Whatever the truth of the matter, diversity of opinion makes the notion of objective truth highly suspect. Objective truth must be clearly and emphatically communicated or it ceases to be effective as such.


Rather than being clearly consistent in its thrust, the Bible actually displays great pliability. No one can deny that the tone of the Bible fluctuates. Wrath and judgment are in the forefront in one account, whereas love and mercy prevail in another. Man is therefore left to select which accounts to embrace as essential and which to relegate to a secondary status. In this manner, the Bible allows, almost invites, the reader to make a personal decision about what to believe. This is decidedly not the sort of text that lends itself to communicating dogmatically.


Any church dogma is therefore based on an interpretive scheme which emphasizes some of the Bible to the exclusion of the rest. To deny this and claim an undeniable scriptural opinion is clearly an assertion unsupported by the evidence.