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the right must be mighty

The Right Must Be Mighty



Christian Orthodoxy is based on the concept that "might makes right". God is the ultimate might, and what He does and says is therefore right, i.e. true and perfectly justified. It may appear incorrect or unjust, but that doesn't matter. It is right because the divine might makes it so.


Of course, Christianity has its own orthodox interpretation of what God says and how He operates, and that interpretation is the definition of right in their eyes. They propose to promote that definition of right for all of humanity, by instruction if possible, by force of law if necessary. This supposedly leads to peace and freedom, someday, somewhere.


Once what is right has been defined, then that right has to be preserved and enforced by constant vigilance and the use of might. Those who are right must remain mighty. They must not only be mighty but perfectly willing to exercise that might in defense of the right, sooner rather than later. That which is right must be preserved at all costs, even ruthlessly. In fact, the failure to do so, can make the Mighty One mighty mad.


The human mind just loves this story. No wonder Christian Orthodoxy has such staying power. It meshes perfectly with what my ego is screaming at me anyway. No need to change how I think and feel. No challenge to my mind with any new ethics. No significant call to relinquish old habits, assumptions, and attitudes. Just join up and grab a weapon. The fight is on!