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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the sin problem



We need to stop thinking and talking about the sin problem as if God is a traffic cop and Jesus offers to pay our tickets. Sin is much bigger and more destructive than any list of commandments could ever define, and it has nothing at all to do with how we treat or react to God. It is the very state of mind that is the inevitable result of practicing judgment, the real fruit of the tree of knowledge forbidden in the Garden. Every thought, assumption, belief, reaction, and deed which involves judgment is evidence of the old mentality which Jesus came to expose and redirect. This old state of mind led mankind to perceive of themselves as separated from God back then, and it continues to trouble our world and separate us from our Creator in our minds yet.


Our connection with God is relational, and when our minds reject the truth of our connectedness, we “experience” separation whether it is real or not. Let’s throw out the elementary school thinking about God, Jesus, and salvation. It’s time to grow up theologically as the writer of Hebrews suggested and forsake “sacramentalism” as what God would have us know and practice. Jesus pointed mankind to a truth that sets us free. That truth was not a new set of rules and requirements. Instead it was a mind renewing awareness which redefined reality. Incorporating the mind (attitude) of Christ addresses the problem of sin, not more rules and sacred hurdles to be cleared.