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the story of job



The account of Job is very intriguing in view of what many say and teach, using the Bible. It is quite common to hear preachers and others state emphatically that such and such happened to an individual or a nation because they sinned and God was punishing them. It is also commonly suggested that no one need dare to question God and how he operates because He is above being questioned by mere men. To raise a question is supposedly an affront to God's sovereignty and evidence of a lack of faith.


Well, even the most casual reader of the book of Job knows better than to accept either of these premises as true. Job's so called friends sounded a lot like many modern day preachers. They were sure that sin caused suffering and righteousness averted it. They could and did look at the same evidence Job did and still insisted on what was obviously untrue.


As far as questioning God goes, Job did not shirk from that either. He was full of questions, and he was not afraid to raise them. Did anyone see God striking Job dead? No Job survived, and then he thrived. God is not disturbed by questions. He has the answers. We may not always be ready to receive the answer, but that is probably because we have been long conditioned by church dogma, the same dogma that suggests that God doesn't like questions.