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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the ultimate solution




In the struggle known as World War II, the Great War, much of humanity came face to face with forces who claimed to be enacting the final solution. That sought after solution to the world's problems, as viewed by those enacting this solution, involved annihilating large portions of the human race, those deemed unworthy and dangerous. In the execution of this remedy to the world's ills, absolute ruthlessness was essential. There was no room for squeamishness. The end justified the means, always.


Intriguingly, the final solution proposed and attempted by the Nazis largely resembled the ultimate solution to evil taught by many traditional religions. It is a common religious theme that, somewhere off in the future, God will deal with evil once and for all by destroying evil people. He will do so ruthlessly, showing absolutely no mercy on man, woman, or child. Despite any other interventions, like the work of Jesus in Christian theology, the real answer to what ails the world is final destruction. Evil is to be dealt with conclusively by violence, to the extent that the solution is indistinguishable from the problem itself. What but religious brainwashing could make us cringe at the thought of Nazi atrocities and then accept the God of hellfire as just and good?


The world is awash in fear, guilt, and anger, so what does organized religion, especially Christianity, propose as a solution? Give us another big dose of fear, guilt, and anger. The cure for our anxieties is more anxiety. The solution to evil is the practice thereof. Who says the atheists and skeptics are crazy for rejecting this picture?