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the war on Christmas


Every year the fundamentalist church and its political allies in the media denounce the commercialism and 'multi-culturalism" which they believe diverts our national attention from the true meaning of Christmas, namely honoring the birth of Jesus, God's Son and Savior of the World. The irony of this predictable display of piety is apparently lost on these true believers.

Throughout the rest of the year the politics of this group demands that they extol the virtues and even divine sanction of free market capitalism with all the materialistic excess that fosters, but for the brief period of the year end holidays, suddenly capitalism and the profit motive must be forsaken in order to honor the national religion. If during most of the year letting the market place dictate is appropriate, why is December any different?

Of course, if the emphasis of Christmas were really on the message of Jesus, especially as announced at His birth, one of peace, hope, and brotherhood, then all this denunciation would be totally misplaced. The multi-culturalism and deference to religions diversity these fundamentalists decry is largely an effort to make everyone feel a legitimate part of the holiday spirit, a spirit which most everyone admits is very special and precious, embodying much that Jesus represented, despite any commercial excesses. Including as many as possible in the celebration certainly promotes peace and brotherhood more so than blanket rejection and condemnation.

These traditionalists fail to see that their call for exclusion is exactly what Jesus came to correct. If peace on earth and good will toward men was the angelic anthem at Jesus' birth, then actions which prevent peace and deny unity cannot be God's plan. As in so many things, those ostensibly promoting Jesus, tacitly deny Him by ignoring much that the Bible says about Him, favoring a scripted church sponsored message instead.