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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the wretch created in teh image of god


Genesis 1:26 indicates that Man was created in God’s image. Psalms 8:4 Says that man was created a little lower than the angels, having been crowned with honor and glory by God. In Acts 17:29 Paul told the Athenians that all men are the offspring of God. None of these descriptions would correspond even remotely with the picture of mankind promoted by the church. Instead, they like to sell the concept of man being a wretched worm, whose very sight is an affront to the righteous, holy divine Being who created us in the first place.


Doesn’t it seem a bit unnatural that God can supposedly be so indifferent to His offspring? Unlike an earthly father, most of whom love their children despite their faults, perhaps even because of those imperfections, the God defined by the church is said to be too concerned about maintaining His own reputation and status to extend the kind of Love which even a human father can generally grant. Is man a child of God as Paul said or the worthless beings the church would have us believe? Is there any wonder the skeptics run from this story.