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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

They don't believe it either


No amount of Bible can overcome the horrendous diminishment of God and His character which is reflected in what Orthodoxy teaches about His wrath, judgment, and retribution.


Tellingly, a great deal of what we observe in the words, actions, and reactions of those claiming allegiance to Orthodox Christianity too obviously demonstrates that they don't believe what they claim. It is readily apparent that Christians have no stomach for sitting by the bedside of the terminally ill friend or family member and telling them how to escape hell. Such activity is unavoidably and rightfully seen for what it would be, a horrible unkindness which would only compound the fear of the dying one.


Yet on any given Sunday the preacher may well get in the pulpit and teach that the departed friend of family member did, in fact, go to hell. The church member is fully expected to sit there and accept that truth without question, though they would be appalled to deliver that same death bed message. Silence in the hearing of church theology does not imply acceptance. Actions tell the true story.


The fact that the church routinely grants exceptions to the requirement to be a born again church member is the fatal Achilles heel of Orthodoxy. The underage, the mentally impaired, the fallen warrior- any exceptions, overtly stated or simply implied, is an admission that the church doesn't really believe that only born again Christians can be acceptable to God. If there is even one exception, there is ample room for everyone to be excepted and accepted.


I have never seen one Bible verse which concretely applies to the concept of the age of accountability exception, for example. That has been brought into the theology of Orthodoxy because church members and clergy alike recognized that without such, God was an unbelievable monster which no one could embrace.


Well, guess what? The same problem will still exist right up until everyone is an exception. The more we equivocate about some who, in our opinion, deserve God's rejection, the more we condemn ourselves. The Bible settles the good versus bad dichotomy when it proclaims there are none righteous and to be guilty of one law is to be guilty of all. Those declarations establish moral/ethical equivalency across all of humanity. Church ritualism and doctrine doesn't magically change that equivalency to the sole advantage of church members. That fact is admitted whenever the church members experience these moments of mental reservation and demonstrate by their actions that eternal punishment is not something they are willing to fully accept.


Complete acceptance of Orthodoxy's doctrine of eternal punishment would result in the total derangement of the believer. The force of that belief would drive people completely crazy. They would be continually frantic with fear and worry. There would be no interest in any other subject or reality. No time for family or employment or life in general. The reality of hell, fully embraced, would establish hell right here on earth. Just the partial acceptance and faint lip service that many in the church display is  poisonous enough to human behavior.