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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

they love them



It's true. The church truly loves their enemies. What I mean is that they love having enemies, or at least those they can call such. After all, the existence of enemies reinforces the "them" versus "us" motif which has been the essence of church theology forever. The saved battling the lost. The good church folks endlessly threatened and mistreated by the outside, secular world. If you've been around very long, this storyline is immensely familiar.


In this respect the church relishes a situation like we have today with non-Christian bad guys making the daily news, engaged in murder and mayhem. Talk about a godsend. The story of Christian America fighting the good fight against ungodly others is a gift from heaven.


In the meantime there is little chance that many people will ponder anything else, like the many troubling aspects of Christian theology. As long as this "crisis situation" lasts, the church will have no problem diverting attention away from the subjects they want to avoid.


What is particularly troubling, though, are those numerous instances where non-Christians and even skeptics and atheists act with compassion, graciousness, and altruism, forsaking personal self interest in favor of the common good. Attentive church member are prone to ask why their good unchurched neighbors and friends are doomed, even when they out shine church members in their kindness and respect for others.


Non-Christian benevolence is witnessed right alongside frequent examples of Christians, even church leaders, engaged in less than exemplary behaviors. It just complicates things when Christians act less nobly than lesser beings. The reason why so many non-Christians are doomed by God despite their good example while Christians get a pass, whatever their behavior, is not readily explainable.


It's a lot easier if the non-Christians misbehave badly. Such is supposed to be the norm, the natural consequence of rejecting the church message. Additionally, non-Christian malfeasance is one more occasion to feel morally superior and engage in self satisfying condemnation of others, eliminating, at least for the  moment, any need to self examine.