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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

this book will change your world



A good friend, Kevin Beck, has written a new book, entitled This Book Will Change Your World. For those who might be interested, it is available on-line at In this book Kevin addresses at some length the new way of framing the Bible story in order to grasp a new and marvelously better picture of God, essentially the same understanding which I have come to embrace after pondering the implications of my old theology for a long time. Kevin deals with many of the issues which people who are in the throes of re-evaluating their inherited theology ask of themselves and others. It should be obvious to all that there are different ways to understand the Bible story and to internalize its message. If not, we wouldn’t have hundreds of different denominations and dozens of different churches in every town, no matter how small. Kevin simply demonstrates one of those ways and does so in a fashion that eliminates many of the inconsistencies and questions which are often raised by “believers” and non-believers” alike. The rabid god projected by the orthodox, evangelical church is not now nor has it ever been the only and best understanding of the Bible. Embracing that god is not a necessity, it is a personal choice. Some have chosen to do otherwise, and they are not alone.