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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

to god be the glory



It strikes me that glory (magnificence and resulting respect) must exist in the mind of an outside observer. A God without glory seems to me to be no God at all. Can glory be conjured up just within the Godhead, without other beings acknowledging that glory? It is an interesting question. 


John 12:28-41 speaks enigmatically of the glorification of Jesus, a glory which is associated with and initiated by blindness, which ironically prevents observation. At the same  time this glorification is said to be separate from understanding and the possibility of obedience, so it does not involve ritual piety as so often implied by conventional Christian theology. As I have said before, I believe verse 40 does not mean that this blindness was induced lest the people be healed but rather implies that God would first blind and then heal anyway. Thus blindness and healing were necessarily connected and that connection was the source of God's glory.


The basic question remains: how can God be glorified? By acts of omnipotence as in creation, maybe? But much more importantly to the biblical story, God is glorified, shown to be magnificent in His love, patience, forbearance, even, dare I say, in His humility. Destructive and coercive displays of power and demands for conformity and subservience hardly appear magnificent to this human observer, as blind as I may be.

Glorification results from profoundly loving the profoundly flawed. That perfectly describes God. We can glorify God in only one way, to emulate his profound love of others. Ritual piety and worship are meaningless to God. He is far above such personal aggrandizement.