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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

to love not is sin


According to the Bible the law defined sin, identified what was sinful. The same Bible says that the whole law can be summarized in the requirement to love God and man. Love is further described as long suffering, kind, not proud, not self absorbed, not judgmental, not given to anger, relentless, and unceasing. Given all of this one would be justified in concluding that actions which are not loving, which do not demonstrate the characteristics listed above, are sinful. What Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount supports this view of sin.


Such a conclusion has far reaching implication because much of the characterization of God in traditional theology is questionable under this view of sin. Can God be unloving; can His love be conditional, based on obedience; can His love ever end; can He seek eternal vengeance? Can God do any or all of this without sinning? Can a sinful God condemn mankind for sinning? Can such inconsistency be explained and justified?


This issue and the associated questions are at the very heart of why Christian theology is often rejected. It is not as the church would have us believe because people are corrupt by nature and deluded by Satan, but rather because they rightly discern that the God of Christian Orthodoxy doesn’t play by His own rules. He is too much like men empowered to make the rules; they always first exempt themselves.