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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

toxic religion



Orthodox Christianity has always viewed humanity as the righteous few, represented by the church, and the remaining vast majority of humanity who are, effectively, cosmic trash destined for the incinerator. Though, admittedly, I once embraced this theology, I now cannot imagine a more toxic mindset.


Claiming divine sanction and privilege for oneself and concurrently condemning others as divine rejects can only instill a mixture of self congratulation, self righteousness, and a sectarian loathing for outsiders. These very things are routinely demonstrated in the church in countless ways: hateful and strident language directed at the "unchurched" and non-Christians, the ostentatious attention to church prescribed piety, the constant insistence that those claiming the mantle of Christianity are the rightful rulers, unquestioning allegiance to traditional theology, and an enculturated submission to self appointed church leaders. Every aspect of this kind of thinking is a witch's brew of self destructive attitudes.


The resultant atmosphere is one which denies common civility, denigrates democratic principles, promotes selfish materialism, undermines cooperative efforts, and relishes conflict and militarism. To contend that all of these stem from the teaching and example of Jesus is preposterous beyond measure.


The Prince of Peace is the proponent of human warfare? The Lamb dumb before his shearers was a self promoter? The One who had no place to lay His head was a materialistic free market advocate. The One who denounced public prayer as pious showmanship sanctioned pompous religious posturing? The Messiah who preached the invisible kingdom of God and often condemned the religious leadership of his day sanctioned the institutional church and its celebrity clergy? I don't think so!!!