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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love




Matthew 17:5 This is my beloved Son; Hear ye him.


Luke 16:16 The law and the prophets were until John. Since that time the kingdom of God is preached.


The story of the Transfiguration of Jesus in Luke chapter 16 is noteworthy for anyone trying to place the words of Jesus in relationship to those of the OT law and prophets. In this event, the disciples saw Moses, representing the OT law, Elijah representing the OT prophets, and Jesus representing the fulfillment of all that the law and prophets pointed toward. When Peter suggest that they equally honor Moses, Elijah, and Jesus, the voice of God promptly established that Jesus represented something that brought the OT writings to their conclusion. The followers of Jesus needed no longer to hear and pay attention to Moses and Elijah. Jesus was the messenger of God now.


Then in Luke 16:16, Jesus himself, noted the end of the law and prophets as precursors to the kingdom of God. These words again forcefully convey the fact that the OT system and revelation would not rule over the new kingdom.


This biblically communicated differentiation between OT Judaism and the message and purpose of Jesus is widely ignored by institutional Christianity. In numerous ways, Orthodox Christianity drags OT laws, rituals, and prophecies into their concept of pleasing and appeasing God for us today. The Ten Commandments are routinely cited as the divine rules for Christian societies. Tithing and Sabbath Day worship are still practiced, with perhaps a slight redefinition. The OT prophets are always in the forefront of much that evangelical Christianity preaches about Jesus. Since they don't think Jesus has yet completed his divine purpose, they insist that we still look to Elijah and his fellow prophets in order to interpret Jesus and explain why the fullness of the kingdom has never been realized here on earth.


God may have established the preeminence of Jesus at the Transfiguration, but the institutional church can't let go of their fascination with law keeping and prophetic fulfillment as still the way to embrace and honor Jesus. If the law is still our guide and the prophecies still predict the future of Jesus, then there is no way the church can move from their OT instruction to that of Jesus alone.


God said Jesus superseded the law (Moses) and the prophets (Elijah). Don't look to Moses and Elijah for instruction. Look instead to Jesus. As long as the church directs us to the Ten commandments and supposedly unfulfilled prophesies they are pointing us back to Moses and Elijah and in the process away from Jesus. The church habitually aligns with a misguided Peter.