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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Trivializing the Work of Jesus



Why is it that church folks have to continuously trivialize the redemptive accomplishments of Christ by dragging us back into the Old Testament to re-immerse ourselves in the Ten Commandments and tithing and the notion of a chosen people? Supposedly a “jot and tittle” orthodoxy is still the requirement today, just like it was for the Jews of old. If that truly was and still is the answer to pleasing God, why do we need Christ and His sacrificial work? To espouse a salvation based on obedience to truth and right practice is patently no different from the Jewish attempts to maintain God’s favor through Old Testament law-keeping. They failed then, and we fail now. Surprise. Surprise.


The truth of the matter is that Christ has worked such a marvelous thing that mankind cannot really comprehend its magnitude. Through His faithfulness and obedience to all the requirements of God, Jesus has provided all that is needed by each and every man to enjoy full fellowship with God. Totally unlike under the preparatory Old Covenant, man’s relationship with God is assured not by our efforts, beliefs, and practices but rather by the all sufficiency of Christ’s redemptive work. Christ obeyed for us, he was faithful for us, and he paid the price for us, every last one of us. No exceptions.


Let’s quit making a mockery of God’s redemptive plan by teaching that it is largely unsuccessful and that it depends on humanity’s willingness, abilities, and commitment. It absolutely cannot and does not depend on anything as unreliable as these factors. Jesus was successful, 100% so. No other level of success could possibly do justice to the God who loves without measure and whose power and will created humanity in His own image and therefore designed us all for a face-to-face relationship with Him.