Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

two gods


There are two Gods mankind can embrace, the God of Fear and the God of Love. Some try to pledge allegiance to both, but one or the other must be supreme because fear and love are totally incompatible. A life ruled by fear, as unfortunately most lives are, can’t be grounded in love because love demands the risk of loss, disappointment, and even rejection. Love requires forbearance, patience, humility, and the willingness to grant liberty to others, even the liberty to make mistakes and hurt people in the process. Therefore fear will always challenge the power and necessity of love. Fear will eternally question the wisdom of love, even in the presence of Jesus and His example and message. To choose fear as our motivation over love is to forsake everything that Jesus taught and died to demonstrate. Fear is the God of Old Testament Israel. Fear is the deity which engaged in jealousy, anger, conflict, segregation, discrimination, and condemnation and promotes obedience as the road to righteousness. Fear derives from the insistence that I must perform correctly or suffer. It places its faith in what I can do to avoid fearful situations. Love places faith in the Faithful One whose Will and Power are unfailing. Fear debilitates; Love liberates.

As long as the church demands and teaches the God of Fear, its followers will suffer just like Old Testament Israel suffered. Same God- same outcome.

Jesus came to re-invent man’s concept of God. He introduced mankind to the God of Love and consequently to the transformative power of Love.  The downside of His message is this- when we reject love as a fundamental operating principle in our lives, we automatically commit ourselves to living fearfully and worshiping fear as our motivation. The results of lives motivated by fear are all around us in the form of broken lives, families, dreams, and societies. Unfortunately many believe that fear is a necessity. The church reinforces that conventional wisdom by teaching and extolling the God of Fear. Consequently, the lessons and newness of Jesus must be ignored and even denigrated as foolish.

The human ego thrives on fear. Fear drives self promotion. It never fails to serve self. It despises humility, self sacrifice, and meekness, the defining characteristics of Jesus. The ego relishes the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the ability and propensity to judge and condemn others. Our ego serves the God of Fear and hates the God of Love. No man can serve two masters. Choose you this day whom you will serve, the church and its God or Jesus and His.