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two roads to self righteousness



Those who choose the route of self righteousness come at it from two different directions: those who operate out of fear of others  and those who operate out of guilt over the state of others. The fearful seek redemption in aggressive opposition to those they fear and those who do not share their fears. The guilty typically seek redemption in some measure of self sacrifice in the interest of others but probably more so in heaping scorn on those who refuse to feel equally guilty. The groups wallow in anger directed at one another, feeling vastly superior in self promotion by righteous indignation.


Jesus was all about humanity overcoming both fear and guilt. The original sin of Adam was the basis of humanity’s subsequent experience of both fear and guilt. The ability and desire to identify and defeat evil men was a direct consequence of man’s ignoring God’s warning and seeking the knowledge of good and evil. When, as naturally follows, man found that he could not just judge others without revealing and dealing with his own evil (Judge not, that ye be not judged.  For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged, Matthew 7:1-2), the result was guilt, a soul sapping, thoroughly debilitating emotion which gnaws at us psychologically, often turning good intentions into parodies of actual benevolence.


Any redemptive process by Christ necessarily deals with both these consequences of original and universal sin. And it necessarily deals with the problem universally. A universal problem cannot be resolved by a solution which does not address the full extent of the problem, in terms of constituent elements of the problem and the total number of people affected by the problem.


This is the failing of Christian theology; it leaves a universal problem unresolved by a limited and insufficient redemption. By insisting on redemption by self righteousness, a right standing initiated or implemented by personal decision and action, the necessary universalism of any sin remedy is lost. That is where the church has gone astray, taking mankind further down the dead end road of separation from God and one another.