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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

two sacred documents


To hear the average evangelical Christian conservative talk, you’d think that the US Constitution was as divinely inspired as the Bible. The one is supposedly based on the principles drawn by the founding fathers from the other. Both are said to be rightly interpreted and applied only when understood as they were originally intended. That original intention is reflected in what these proponents of sacredness happen to believe it was. These assumptions about both documents exist despite the fact that multiple writers were involved in each and that the documents themselves and the written histories surrounding them illuminate numerous disagreements between the various authors. If there was a divinely inspired consensus behind both documents then the messy process by which each came to be is certainly strange. Yes, God operates in strange and mysterious ways and He can and does use human frailties to His purpose, but that does not mean that every oddity bears the divine imprimatur.

The US Constitution is a landmark document, without question, as is the Bible. That being said, both are subject to human interpretation and application. Therein lies the rub. Humanity is fallible and its understanding of any document is subjective, especially one of ancient origin. Some claim that God gives them divine assistance in the correct understanding of the Bible at least. Why the rest of us should accept that fact and submit to it ourselves is not at all clear to me. Are the rest of us too unrighteous and stupid for God to enlighten directly?