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Two Taboos: Reliigon and Politics



There an old admonition which advises one to avoid talking about religion and politics. You may have noticed that for many who reject this advice, differing with them on these two subjects automatically labels you as stupid and probably dangerously so. I often experience people who want to dive right off into either of these subjects, pontificating about their opinions as if there is no reasonable room for disagreement or further evaluation. The unavoidable implication of such tirades is simply that no one but a fool could possibly challenge the pontificator's position.


You will notice that a great many preachers and politicians insist that they see and know the absolute truth and therefore others need to listen up. Both these groups are allied in the business of manipulating and controlling the general population. Church doctrine serves that purpose for the clergy and legislation and regulation for the politician.


Of course, both groups claim that their control over our lives is beneficial. Some want to claim that church control is largely benevolent but government control is mainly an encroachment. The reason why church control is good and secular control is bad is lost on many of us. Human control is human control, especially so when the two controllers are historically in bed together.


Some preachers may breast beat about a supposed war against the church by the political forces, but you can't miss how influential their churches are in our national politics. You will also probably notice that the church and its leadership enjoy economic advantages unknown to the rest of us. Additionally. the sacred freedom of religion covers a multitude of sins and serves as a refuge from prosecution for countless misdeeds which the secular world would otherwise condemn.


The evidence firmly indicates the wisdom of treading very carefully on the subject of religion and politics. In dealing with complex subjects, it is never wrong to be humble. Most also recognize that there is an inherent nastiness in any institution which decides who should be controlled, by whom, and how. Church and state are flip sides to the same coin, equally invasive.