Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

two truths: Natural and unnatural


Christian Orthodoxy attempts to persuade the human mind by establishing facts and using argumentation. The power of their message, however, lies not in the clarity of those facts or in the coherency of their logic but rather in that their facts and suppositions readily appeal to the human mind which has been long conditioned to them. This message sounds quite logical to the natural man and his standard mode of thinking. Men are evil. God is angry and threatening. Man must do something to gain His favor and escape punishment. This is the essence of religious thought in many cultures throughout human history. Such thought is not ubiquitous because it is God ordained. Instead it is so common because that is the exact way the human ego likes to think.

The truth of God, however, is not about readily discernable facts and common human logic. It is unnatural. It is encountered not in normal human discourse and intellectual exercise in the pattern of Orthodoxy's message. Instead, it is perceived in the heart, in the quiet of the soul, in the moment of contemplation. The truth of God lies within us all as affirmed by the Bible itself (Hebrews 8). It is a truth of irrevocable promise, based solely on the power and majesty of God Himself. The human mind cannot fully fathom this truth; it can only be glimpsed occasionally.

The truth of God magnifies Him beyond all human comprehension. It's insights are not attained through logic; it is not readily conveyed by human language. Such truth does not contain legislative requirements but instead informs of an underlying ultimate reality which engenders peace, freedom, and joy. Those attuned to this truth receive a message directly from God without the need of human instruments, thus avoiding the corrupting influences of the natural man..