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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

unbelievable connection



When God questioned Cain about his brother, Abel, Cain asked if he was his brother’s keeper. Habitually we answer a similar question internally, and our answer is usually a resounding No! In Cain’s case God did not answer the question directly, but I wonder what God’s answer really was. Did God consider Cain to be his brother’s keeper or not? My suspicion is that God’s answer would be a resounding “Yes, you are, because you and your brother are one”. You cannot be complete when you deny the intimate connection between you and every other human being.


If all humanity is one, how does that affect how I react to the misfortune of others? Oneness implies that my peace, my joy, and my fulfillment are directly tied to the condition of everyone else on the planet.


Maybe that uneasiness gnawing at my gut in the dark of the night is that reality. Interconnectedness can be a little daunting, but the prospect of a world of continued segregation and alienation grows more fearful with every passing day. Did Jesus have anything to say about the interconnectedness of all humanity? What is the Golden Rule all about if it is not the concept of humanity’s oneness?  Have we missed and misapplied the message of Jesus? I think so.