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Unintended Consequences



Those who insist on religion by rule keeping and right practice inherit the inescapable corollary of all legal systems, the law of unintended consequences. These consequences are implied in the way the legal code must be applied.

Any legal requirement or law must be definable for every conceivable situation or circumstance to which it is relevant.  This is the Achilles Heel of the Christian Orthodox. They largely refuse to seriously address the numerous implications of their doctrinal pronouncements and creedal statements. They are prone to claim that any demand for clarification of specific application details is presumptuous and therefore need not be addressed. God does as He pleases, and therefore the church doesn't need to attempt to justify or explain His requirements.

However, if one insists on being a legalist, the law of unintended consequences is unavoidable. Claiming to be the rules interpreter and purveyor without at least attempting to provide the clarity needed to apply the rules is an obvious evasion.

The fact that the law of Moses fostered a vast array of clarifying commentary out of the Jewish religious scholars is evidence of the requirement to apply any law to a great number of real world situations. Salvation by meeting requirements is no different from the law of Moses in that respect. The implications cannot be casually dismissed as unimportant without indicating that the requirements themselves are not really important.