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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Unity and Christ



Does God in Christ call mankind to unity or disunity? That is an essential question in our understanding of Jesus. Was his purpose on earth to promote human union or reinforce traditional disunity?


If Jesus was a unifier of humanity, then there can be no room for orthodox Christianity's attachment to the idea of the hell bound many versus the righteous few. There can never be any unity in that story of good men in conflict with bad ones, only violence and division. Those who believe otherwise ignore all of human history in doing so.


If unity in Christ was some afterlife reality, with no relevance to here and now, then Christ is equally irrelevant here and now. In fact, under those circumstances any efforts toward unity and brotherhood themselves become irrelevant. In fact, to many in the church the idea of the unity of mankind is supposed to be some concoction of the Devil, and thus for them much about Christ is irrelevant.