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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

unity of humanity



Jesus was as much about uniting all humanity as he was about uniting mankind to God. This is reflected in his most powerful lessons. Love God with all your heart and your fellowman as yourself. Judge not that you be not judged. Lust is as sinful as adultery and anger is as wrong as murder, so all men are equally sinful and equally worthy. All of these thoughts and the judgment scene in Matthew 25, where the standard is how we treat each other, point inexorably to a brotherhood of humanity, a commonality of brokenness and misconceptions that plague us all.


Unfortunately the Christian message largely ignores this revelation. In the church’s insistence on segregating from the world (most of humanity) so as to avoid its corrupting influence, its penchant for judging others and picking fights, and its claim of  exclusive righteousness, the unity Christ proclaimed is completely destroyed. Unity with God in the eyes of Orthodoxy means a complete rejection of the unity of man. Instead the church divides humanity into the saintly few and the damned majority.


A friend has introduced me to the idea of the brotherhood of sin, the recognition that all humanity is one in our failures, inadequacies, and erring. Sinfulness and righteousness do not divide us from one another as so we often believe. And sin and its ill effects are never dealt with until we stop harming ourselves by harming our neighbor.