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validate or Invalidate?



The institutional church insists that they can validate all their doctrine and practices, no matter how mean spirited or abhorrent they may be, by simply referencing the scriptures. Instead of validating the church position, however, this use of the Bible actually invalidates the scriptures, at least as interpreted and used by the church. The ethically and morally unconscionable cannot be summarily justified by attributing the same to God, and pointing to some text as proof. That which is questionable, illogical, and ethically reprehensible remains so, regardless of anybody's notion of supporting evidence. The supporting evidence remains much easier to dismiss than the obvious moral implications allegedly supported by that evidence


Unbelievers who refuse to accept the church's biblical interpretation aren't blind as the church would suggest. In fact, they have their eyes wide open. They know that things can't be correct when all the ills of human behavior and emotion are reflected in the church's understanding of God and His operation. The church can be wrong. The Bible can be wrongly used. But horror, malevolence, and injustice can never be right.