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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

victory in jesus



The poisonous effect of the Tree of Knowledge is negated by two things: omniscience and humility. God, the Omniscient One, judges righteously given a perfect understanding of all mitigating circumstances. Jesus demonstrated how to handle the knowledge of good and evil as human beings- direct that knowledge to personal introspection and humbly forsake judgment of others Thus we see two results from the forbidden knowledge, one good and the other ruinous. The positive result is personal guidance for one's daily life. The other is judgment against one's fellowman, the basis for eternal conflict and anxiety.


The Tree of Knowledge is reflected in adherence to all law systems, including the Law of Moses. All such systems are administered by flawed human beings who are incapable of judging righteously, lacking, as I noted, both omniscience and humility. Omniscience provides the only context for proper judgment. Humility provides the only way for a flawed human to operate with the Knowledge of Good and Evil and avoid using it to his or her own destruction.


We can partake of the Tree of Life or the Tree of Death at any moment, vacillating back and forth at will. When we try the Tree of Knowledge we die, as did the first Adam. When we turn to the Tree of Life/Love we are born again, resurrected to a new opportunity to live fully by emulating the second Adam. Our physical existence is a one long feast of one fruit or the other. We can nourish ourselves on hate, fear, pride, and anger, all fruits of the Tree of Knowledge, or we can try a more healthful diet of the fruits of the spirit, the produce of the Tree of Life. The former is nothing but Old Covenant failure while the latter is victory in Jesus, mirroring as it does both his instruction and his demonstrated mode of living.