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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

weaponize the god of Love



Weaponizing is a relatively new word to me. It means adapting something into a weapon. The idea of adaptation implies that the item adapted was not originally intended as a weapon.


Much of the hue and cry over the interplay between Christianity and the government comes about because many Christians want to weaponize God. They want to use God and their claim as his agents to beat back and suppress any number of groups and causes they find offensive. If these offensive efforts were confined to the persuasive role the church proclaims as its role under the Great Commission, they would operate within their rights as a collective of citizens.


However, the church today and in the past has continuously used the mechanisms of secular government to punish non-believers. These efforts, which include the thinly veiled threat of hellfire, are always passed off as a divine duty. In this process the church has largely turned God into their favorite tool to injury, belittle, and subjugate large portions of the population.