Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

what am i trying to do?



Some wonder if in harping on the topic of eternal punishment I am trying to persuade the orthodox to abandon this long held doctrine. Actually, that is not a reasonable expectation for the most part. I suspect that only those who are uncomfortable already with orthodoxy are likely to be persuaded by my presentations.


 I am primarily more interested in speaking to those who are repulsed by this doctrine but who think the Bible compels them to accept it or be branded a heretic.  Or worse yet become rejected by God and relegated to the very fate they question. These people are my primary target audience. I want these many to know with certainty that there are and historically have been many ways to interpret the scriptures. So called orthodoxy with its emphasis on a fearful, angry God is much less substantial from a biblical viewpoint than the understanding of a totally benevolent God who relentlessly seeks mankind’s best long term interests, individually and collectively.


No one needs to accept my understanding. I just offer it as a very real alternative to what many have heard in the past and which I know from personal experience is devastating spiritually and a psychological and cultural disaster.