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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

What Excites You?


What we find exciting illustrates and illuminates our state of mind. By excite, I mean motivates us, gives us a strong emotional response, causes us to react, almost spontaneously.

Are we excited by tales of evil and stimulated by the fear they induce? Do we relish the call to arms which invariably ensue? Does the anger producing diatribe give us the needed reason for existence, the very meaning of life?

What, in fact, has God called us to do in order to live fulfilled lives? If there is such a calling, would we find it exciting? Would such fulfilled living stimulate us with the anger and fear which so often motivates our lives and subjects us to so much manipulation, economically, politically, and religiously?

We can indeed enjoy an adrenaline rush from the emotions of anger and fear. But to what end? Will it ever satisfy our heart? Will such excitement ever generate meaningful, lasting improvement in our joyfulness, our peace, and our liberty? Look to human history for the answer to that one.

Countless sages. including Jesus, have suggested that true excitement and joy come from the practice of thanksgiving in all life circumstances. It results from an inward focus, which eliminates the need to judge, condemn, and control others. This is much more than a "que sera sera" passivity. Instead it is the recognition that a life of humility, selflessness, and thanksgiving is infinitely more powerful, transformative, and exciting than the fear and anger which so often prevails.