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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

What Future?


A basic problem with the institutional church is the fact that it cannot work for a transformed world because, number one, it doesn't believe the work of Jesus was intended to transform the world to any significant extent; and, number two, its orthodox eschatology says that the future of this world is very limited and destined to be one long downward spiral. There is little wonder then that the church is such a non-contributor to making this world a better place, environmentally, socially, politically, or economically. It is largely focused on the hereafter, seeing God's purpose in Christ as being disconnected from the here and now and conditions on planet earth, other than perhaps providing the support system to allow their members to stoically face the vicissitudes of life.

The church preaches and, in fact, lauds a conscious separateness from the physical world which denies the underlying interconnectedness of all creation. This perpetuates the lie that some can prosper, spiritually and otherwise, while the vast majority do not. It is a philosophy of continued alienation between God and man which supposedly the work of Christ could never overcome. As an instrument of real transformation, the church is a miserable failure, and it's example in this regard proves beyond a doubt that their message and program is not God ordained. If it was, it would accomplish the kind of reconciliation described in Ephesians Chapter two, which was between differing groups of humanity.

The Gospel was and is much, much more than just the way God returned mankind to fellowship with Him; it was also the message designed to re-establish the universal brotherhood of all mankind based on the only rule that ever mattered, the Golden One.