Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

what does god want?



The above question frames what our religious beliefs ultimately address. What does God expect from me?


Christianity has long promoted the idea that God is looking for man's obedience and adoration/worship. These actions by man are said to be our rightful response to God's Love for us all. In other words, God's Love imparts to every man a duty toward God. What God is seeking is our willingness to love Him back and to demonstrate that love by doing what He wants. Love given demands love which is returned in the required way..


The church, as we know it, has been long established as the mechanism for administering God's requirements of mankind. The church defines and oversees the salvation process which is the supposed first step in responding to God's requirements. Then, the Christian is bound to the church as the organization through which God is worshiped and His favor maintained.


To summarize, one might say that God loves us and we must love in return by being compliant to His wishes. Church affiliation is the only way to demonstrate our commitment to God's requirements.


Anyone who fails to accept this definition of God and what He wants is said to reject God's Love. Thus, we have the prevailing understanding of how love, in general works. The act of loving another is an implied demand that the loved one respond correctly to that love by meeting the needs and expectations of the lover.


We see this concept of love played out in our personal relationships daily. The basic problem in our marriages and families is that the parties involved too often see love as a demand for compliance to what each wants. Needless to say, such thinking is not evidence of love at all. Love is not about promoting self interest, mine or God's either. Love is the unconditional extension and surrender of self for the long term benefit of another. Period. Anyone who has ever been involved in a successful, long term personal relationship with another knows this instinctively, if only sub consciously. The church sponsored concept of love is oxymoronic and ultimately devastating to all of our relationships, human and divine.


Can I reject God's Love and thereby say in effect- I won't let God love me. Absolutely not! I can ignore that Love. Pretend I am not loved. Be ignorant of that Love. All of these things are possible, but I cannot prevent God from loving me. I cannot control and manipulate God and force Him to abandon His very nature (God is love).


If we listen carefully to Jesus and his message, we may notice that the overarching subject is always about life, real true abundant living, a type of existence driven and moderated by love. We can then conclude that God's desire of me is that I learn to live fully. Since the words of Jesus pointed to how to live here and now, this abundant living is meant to be experienced while on earth, not in the great beyond. Real living is not measured by longevity (eternal) but by quality (abundance). That life is begun whenever we decide to live it, not after we die, and it develops gradually.


God has a great desire that each of us grow to understand and embrace the power of love in our personal lives and in the world at large. Through Christ, God has provided the message of Love and demonstrated how it works through the counter intuitive practice of humility and self sacrifice. What God wants for you and me is that we come to understand and benefit from His Love for us by practicing a love of our own, not directed as required obeisance to Him but for the benefit of others. God radiates unconditional Love to me to teach me to radiate that love to my fellowman. That is my proper response to His Love. It is not my duty but it is the only way to truly be alive.