Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

what is significant?


Whether what you believe impugns the nature and character of God is infinitely more significant than whether you or anyone else can refer to some portion of the Bible in support of your beliefs. Let God be true and every man a liar. The importance of seeing God in the correct light, of knowing His true character, cannot be over emphasized in our understanding of the Bible and its story and purpose. Unfortunately, traditional theology provides a breakdown in our concept of God right in the beginning of the story in Genesis. God creates but cannot maintain. He loses control of creation and immediately condemns man for that loss, embarking supposedly on a road which ultimately leads to total destruction and eternal torture.


With that representation of the beginning, our concept of God gets poisoned immediately. What kind of God operates in this inadequate manner and then passes the blame off on man, vowing to destroy everything in a fit of anger? The creation story is there sure enough, but what we make of it is ours to decide. The church has made their decision and passed it along from generation to generation, largely unchallenged. When that story depicts God in such a miserable way, it makes perfect sense to decide differently.