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what is truth?



These are the famous words of Pilot as he talked with Jesus. What is the truth?


The church teaches that the Bible is the revelation of divine truth. Accordingly, to them the Bible is the account of actual historical events in which God communicated His divine requirements to mankind. Thus, the truth is reduced to a code of acceptable behaviors, voiced by a number of historical figures who served as the mouthpiece of God. Truth is part history lesson and part legal text. It is truth of the history professor and the lawyer.


What the church misses is the Truth which lies behind their truth. In reality the historical accuracy and legal prescriptions of the Bible are only incidental to the real Truth which involves universal principles. These are hinted at or symbolized in the detailed accounts of Bible stories. The actual historical validity of the stories and the myriad details of the legalisms are not all important as the church would have us believe. The story's significance and impact lie in the larger principles which they reveal and teach. Insisting that truth demands historical reliability and unconditional compliance to church doctrine demonstrates a misplaced emphasis on the story versus the lessons behind it.


If in the final analysis the essential Bible information is what must I do to please God, the stories themselves become a distraction to that purpose. In all the details, I am likely to miss the important part. Why does it take 2000 pages to explain the steps in the so called plan of salvation?


The Truth will indeed set us free. In fact, it will free us from the demand to accept facts over principles, rote compliance over life transformation.