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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

what's so special



Christianity claims for itself a unique place among the religions of the world. According to their theology God worked out a centuries long divine plan, initially through the nation of Israel and then later through the functioning of the church as God's emissary or earth. That divine plan was communicated via a sacred text which the church then has interpreted and propagated. Supposedly this plan resulted in a grand transformation in the relationship between God and man.


Despite this claim to uniqueness and magnificence in relation to other faiths, what we see in Christian theology and practice is decidedly similar to other religions and also to the normal way men have operated throughout human history. Christianity mirrors the proverbial conflict between the good and the bad. It attempts to honor God through ritual practice and to gain His blessings through subservience, all under a divine threat. Like so many other religions, Christianity is overseen by special individuals who claim to speak for God and instruct in righteousness.


So in the final analysis Christianity's claim to fame is nothing special in world view, practice, organization, or ethical construct. It is not possible to be special and unique and at the same time practice what the human ego naturally loves- to claim moral and spiritual superiority for one's self and treat the divine like a personal weapon against those seen as lesser humans.