Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

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The burning religious issue today is not whether God's favor includes everyone but rather how we can enjoy the benefits of that favor. How does one obtain peace and joy as God intended, be it for the few or the many? When the angels declared peace on earth at Christ's birth, what did that mean? Was it peace of a kind that we cannot see  and experience physically? Peace does not suddenly come because of God's love, because that love has never changed. If God's love and favor were all that was necessary to achieve universal peace and joy, mankind would be there automatically. Instead peace and joy evolve from our own expressions of love. The more we love and the wider our "circle of trust", the more peace and joy we experience here and now, not later in some remote, unseen new existence.


The real irony of Christianity is that we seek peace through the exercise of warfare. We think that peace comes when all our enemies have been destroyed, either now by us or later by God's judgment and wrath. Death and destruction are relentlessly projected by the church as the divine plan to achieve the peace and joy we have been promised. Warfare and the language of conflict infect Christianity from top to bottom. The righteous are first and foremost fighters, ruthless fighters at that. With God's blessing and imprimatur, they can do no wrong. No refutation of the might makes right paradigm can ever be tolerated because the divine end justifies any and all human means.