Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

where are you and is that a good place?


The question of where you are can be one about your location or your state of mind. Oftentimes, where you are "locationally" also reflects how you think and what you believe, your state of mind.

Religiously, if you need human instruction in order to grasp the truth, then the typical church is the place you need to be. If conformity with tradition is comforting to you, then the church is your place of choice. If you find purpose for living when you have to struggle, confront, and oppose, then the church will meet your need.

However, if you seek an environment where personal authenticity is honored instead of suppressing who you really are, the typical church is not your destination. If you long for a forum where your personal search for truth and purpose can be nurtured by openness, real intimacy, and unabashed honesty of opinion, the church is probably the last place for you.

In the almost universal human search for meaning and purpose, different folks have different comfort zones. Some find comfort in what the typical church represents. Others are looking for something completely different. Your place of the moment is where you need to be for now; just know that your good place is not right for everyone.