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Where It All Leads



A recent, provocative ruling by the US Supreme Court, once again, highlights the logical result of the Orthodox belief in eternal punishment. By an 8-1 vote the high court confirmed the right of a Baptist church group in Kansas to protest against homosexuality at the funeral of US soldiers killed in action. Ironically, most conservative church people are also great advocates of the military; but in this case the justices ruled in favor of the free expression of religious conviction and against honoring the military tradition of ultimate sacrifice. I suspect that the average citizen, especially those who claim Christianity as their religious affiliation, are appalled at the conduct of this particular congregation and upset that the Supreme Court supported their actions with this ruling.  


Just like the occasional example of parents who abuse and even kill their children because they perceive that the kids are doomed to hell otherwise, all this incident does is demonstrate forcefully where a firm belief in a god of eternal fiery torment leads. Churches and their leaders too often openly support this preposterous tenet of their faith and even more often just ignore the subject and let folks assume what they will. Then when someone actually reacts logically to this teaching about the god who hates sinners enough to burn them, they go all apoplectic. If you don’t want people to act hatefully, you stop telling them that is the way their god acts. That seems simple enough to me.


So the institutional church can enjoy its religious freedom and hold the doctrines of the past as sacred and inviolate as long as they like, but just be ready to accept the here and now consequences. Those will not be pretty, reflecting the inherent ugliness of their subverted god.