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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

where the bible is concerned



Just remember, whatever anyone says about the Bible is merely their opinion until God, Himself, directly confirms that understanding to everyone. That opinion may be seemingly supported by religious tradition, but that is no more conclusive of the truth than the longstanding, commonly accepted geocentric theory of the solar system was factually true in Galileo's day..

One need bear in mind that our religious tradition has been formulated and propagated by an institution whose very existence and power depended on its own interpretation of the Bible. Even those who think they have honestly and personally formed an individual opinion of the Bible are almost assuredly greatly influenced by the church's doctrines because those tenets permeate all our cultural assumptions.

Even if someone has received an understanding directly from God, that understanding remains just an opinion for everyone else until God speaks the same message directly to all. As long as biblical understanding involves human intermediaries (instructors) and requires the filtering of the human mind (logical reasoning) there will never be an incontrovertible divine message, only opinions, unsupported by anything more than the decision to believe them.