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which Adam- dead or alive?



Genesis tells us that in the beginning Adam was perfect and perfectly alive before he gained the knowledge of good and evil. Afterward he was more godlike but dead and cursed. This should raise some serious questions in the minds of any who try to understand the lesson behind this narrative.


Apparently the knowledge of good and evil was deadly, and as the story goes it was deadly for all subsequent humanity. The sin of Adam accrued to everyone downstream.


The obvious question which arise is this- if the knowledge of good and evil was bad for Adam and led to a humanity problem, why is Christianity so committed to the idea that everyone needs to know good and evil. The manifest measure of righteousness which has grown out of Orthodox Christianity is the level of commitment to doing what is good and in opposing what is evil. This assessment is clearly predicated on the knowledge of good and evil. Salvation may not be activated by works, but the evidence of its being activated is very much works. Paradoxically, in order to be identified as a good Christian, one must partake of exactly what God warned Adam against. Good Christians must ignore the life giving Adam (I Corinthians 15:45-47 and Matthew 7:1-2) and go back to endlessly commit the mistakes of the dead Adam.


Serious Bible students might want to consider this pertinent question. The mistakes of the past have a remarkable way of becoming the entrenched truth of the present.