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which is it?



Either the Bible is a divine book from which another must teach me, or it is the book with which I confirm what am being taught. I hardly see how it can be both, so which is it?


Evangelicals and fundamentalists constantly cry that I must believe the Bible. Okay, fine, I'll believe it; but I must believe it my way. No, No, they say- that won't do; I must believe it their way because their way is correct. How do I know that their way is correct? They tell me the Bible says so. How do I know that? I have to read it myself and just see. When I read it myself to verify their understanding, what insures I see it the same way they do? If I see it differently, whose understanding must I embrace, mine or theirs. What is the measure of proper biblical interpretation, the personal one or the second hand one?


No wonder Bible reading and study, even among avid church people, is so little practiced. This kind of Bible usage is baffling. When the church insists that I accept their interpretation what is the point in working to establish my own?