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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

who's on the defensive?


It is intriguing that in the on-going debate about the doctrine of eternal punishment the defenders of Orthodoxy are able to contend that those who question or deny the doctrine are the ones who have a problem. Is it not more reasonable to conclude that those who believe that most of humanity will suffer eternal torment at the hands of God have the real problem? Simply claiming that the Bible supports them is not a moral justification. Can anyone really deny the inequity of punishing the misinformed and uninformed right along with the willfully evil? Can the Orthodox explain why God would allow the happenstance of being a non-westerner to contribute so significantly to one’s eternal destiny? No, the moral imperative of explanation lies upon the Orthodox. If all they can offer by way of justification is their fear of offending God by questioning the tenets of Orthodoxy, then fear becomes the most imporatant factor in our relationship with God.


That may sound noble and gracious and marvelous to some, but I don’t find it so. That is the mode of operation of human tyrants and not that of a benevolent God.