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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

who's responsible for your spiritual well-being?



The institutional church, through its supposed role as instructor in righteousness, inserts itself into everyone's spiritual life. They claim that they are partially responsible for the spiritual state of others. Ultimate responsibility for that state may lie with the individual, but the church plays a vital role, so it is a shared responsibility. The individual alone cannot achieve what God requires without the church. They must learn from the church, heed the church, and remain faithful to the church. As you would expect, all this thinking serves to magnify the church.


To mollify the implications of all this self importance, many church instructors say that by the word church they mean the universal collection of true believers and not the local institutional elements: leadership hierarchy, buildings, programs, doctrinal statements, etc. Somehow that assertion is supposed to temper the innate arrogance of claiming all the institutional church associated privilege and power. The effect of this church promotion is that the message of Jesus becomes subordinate to a message which better serves the prominence and preservation of the religious institution.


This observation explains much, if not most. of what has been the "church experience" for a thousand years. It also explains the current rejection by the younger generations of that experience. It is just too obvious that institutional Christianity is not aligned with Jesus, so why submit to their doctrines and authority. When the church moans about the religious indifference of many in society and blame it on a depraved human nature, prophetic fulfillment, the influence of Satan, and evil conspirators, they simply choose to ignore their own culpability, as the primary diversion from the real Jesus.